About us

SEAFOOD XPORT International Ltd  is established in 2019 as a trade and export wholesale company from the UK in the Moluccan (Indonesia) of fresh | frozen fish and seafood products. With our local export company abroad, PT Perikanan Ekspor Maluku (PT PEM), we can trade our products from the Moluccan archipelago through our network all over the world. We connect wholesale import suppliers and distributors demand to our own strategic supply chain.

Our mission: corporate social responsibility and protection of the natural resources. 

Our vision: fair trade; improvement of the working environment; collaborate  and commitment with local entrepreneurs; healthy, safe and sustainable fish.

Our success is built on strong relationships, which have resulted in respect, liability and trust. Our coorporation effort in Indonesia gives us direct access to the best resources of available fish. The biological fish is coming directly from resources of the sea and oceans around the Moluccan archipelago. We have a major responsibility to take good care of these natural resources. By retaining and having respect for the nature, we aim to ensure that future generations can enjoy the flavour of fish.

As a company we are always interested in strategic business partners to expand the business. Please contact us.

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